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Book Publishing

Our publishing department "Evad Yay Publications" can bring your thoughts to life in print. Making your work  available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

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Herbal Hair Rx

Our HAIR RESTORATION SYSTEM, a regimen tried and tested to stop hair loss, hair thinning, Scalp Maladies while promoting hair growth...

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DRG Consultancy

We offer customized small business consultancy to make your business into a 21st-Century structured operation where your client and staff will be retainable.

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Restoration Institute of Trichology Advancements - a place where we facilitate both theoretical and clinical Trichology courses, seminars & workshops.

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The EPIC Group

(Empowering a People to Impact the Customer)

This is our official CX team that facilitates seminars, workshops, fora to inform, enlighten, and empower others in business, the workplace, or even at home. The aim is mainly to create a more empathetic community. Treating others the way we wish to be treated... and better.

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