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"A Hair Restoration System"

Formulated by notable Chemists in Mumbai, India, using natural herbs such as extracts of Alma & Brahmi along with Ayurvedic herbs, unique only to that region of the world. These ingestive supplements are 100% safe to consume, owing to the chemical-free and toxic radicals-free nature of the formulae. Our patrons have all raved about their results when they follow the regimen as recommended.

Please visit our store to find all these products we have available in the " Hair Restoration System"

that's if you want to have your own HAIR back.

Scalp Scratcher Pick

Converter for Updated Androids

This is designed for the Galaxy S8 to S10 or any device which is an upgrade from the universal charger port, You can use this converter to allow your upgraded port to be universally compatible.   

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Magnify the Scalp & Hair Strands

Watch this 2-minute video clip to learn more.

Mobile Mini-Trichoscope for Androids

$99.99 +$8.30 S&H

Mobile Mini-Trichoscope for iPhones

$149.99 +$8.30 S&H

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