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"A Healthy Hair Revolution"

The Cleansing-Moisturizing- Protection SystemHydrating humectants-Filled Infusing Cleanser

This Sulfate-Free Soy-enriched shampoo. Brings new and advanced moisture transporting proteins to the hair shaft while leaving the hair with bounce and shine.

Hydrating Moisture filled Conditioner

This enriched Soy conditioner infuses a balance of moisture and protein into the hair without weight or dullness. Great detangling properties, manageability, and luster will result.

Great Detangling Leave-in Spray

Humectants and active botanicals leave the hair with just the right amount of shine without weighing down the hair. It adds body and volume while repairing split ends. Hair is now ready to be styled. Sun filter added.

Please visit our store to find all the products we have available in the "Healthy Hair Revolution System". You will be glad you did.

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