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At Dave Ray Enterprises, we have several divisions: 

Beauty Werkz

 Our Franchised Salon headquarters, Our Trades Show Education Team, and our Healthy Hair Revolution Haircare system.

Barber Werkz  

Our barbering division for education.

Herbal Hair Rx 

Our HAIR RESTORATION SYSTEM, a regimen tried and tested to stop hair loss, hair thinning, Scalp Maladies while promoting hair growth.


Restoration Institute of Trichology Advancements - a place where we facilitate both theoretical and clinical Trichology courses, seminars & workshops.

Evad Yar Publications  

Our publishing company where we document your thoughts and emotions in print and place you in front of a global audience.

DRG Consultancy 

 We offer customized small business consultancy to make your business into a 21st-Century structured operation where your client and staff will be retainable.

The EPIC Group

(Empowering a People to Impact the Customer

This is our official CX team that facilitates seminars, workshops, fora to inform, enlighten, and empower others in business, the workplace, or even at home. The aim is mainly to create a more empathetic community. Treating others the way we wish to be treated... and better.

What our customers are saying

I was highly recommended to Dave Ray Enterprises, as my salon business was going through a rough period. A year later, I have my own line of products, a great team, and now on to publishing my book.

Jennifer Neish, 

David Michael Products & Jennifer's Hair Care, LLC, Queens, NY

Initially, I thought he was much too aggressive. Then one evening, my husband asked me, "Why then, are you paying him?" I woke up to smell the coffee, (as they say). Now two years later, my business has been growing exponentially... and he still checks in on me regularly.

Mary Leone Richards,-

Exceptional Hair Care Salon, Brooklyn, NY


Private Classes

If you are an aspiring stylist, or even just seeking to be groomed for pageantry, public speaking, building confidence in making presentations, or communicating with others, we can be your coaching team... We have bragging rights in helping many in the various industries. It gives us great pride when we see one of our graduates doing extremely well. YOU too can be one of those success stories. It is within your reach. We also make it affordable. 

Please call us at 1(347) 641-4490

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